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Miguel Laino

1. Black Portrait of a Poet

2. Fugaz Realidad, K-holes and Fragmented Reality and Right Back to Right Now

3. The Long Walk Ahead While Looking Back in Disbelief

4. No There, No Then…

5. Patient

6. Designated Guardian

7. The Observer Effect

8. Salvado 

9. Stepping Across the Edge of the In-between

10. Memory Eraser






Well if this isn’t just the cutest


Don’t think I’ve ever blogged the whole comic, in its entire adorableness…

You’re welcome :)

A-Babies VS. X-Babies. Written by Skottie Young. Art by Gurihiru.

Dont take steve’s bucky bear 

There are even more pages than this and I encourage people to find it because it it COMPLETELY BIZARRE but too adorable.

If there is more, I must have it.




"oh, fuck off, mark. it’s not my job to make you a better man and i don’t give a shit if i’ve made you a better man. it’s not a fucking woman’s job to be consumed and invaded and spat out so that some fucking man can evolve."

"that’s not what i meant…jenny, i made a big, big mistake. but from that i have learned how difficult it is to be a woman."

The Appledore Vaults are my Mind Palace

"Otters have a skin flap that forms a pocket so they can keep their favorite rock with them. They use this rock to break open mollusks when eating. Some otters go their entire lives carrying the same rock!” source


A tree frog in Jember, Indonesia, shelters from the rain under a leaf. The amphibian reportedly held the leaf for 30 minutes before the storm passed.

he looks so done with the rain 

Matilda (1996)

Dir. Danny DeVito

"Everyone is born, but not everyone is born the same. Some will grow to be butchers, or bakers, or candlestick makers. Some will only be really good at making Jell-O salad. One way or another, though, every human being is unique, for better or for worse."


Animals that are really awesome.


Sherlock episodes and their writers: a reminder of who we should be attributing which feels/tears/anger to (updated version of this post, now with series 3!).

I’d very much like to punch a feminist.





I’d never, ever hurt a lady but I’d be happy to punch a feminist.

It’d bring me great joy.


I’m 6’2 and weigh 180lbs

ready when you are

Or if you’d like to have some more options….

I’m 6’4”
228 pounds
and have 9 years of combined martial arts training and 3 years of being a Line Backer in football.
Just in case you are looking for variety.


what about a lady and a feminist. warning, combatives certified soldier.

    All you need to know about Sansa in this book is that she has a direwolf – a giant, monstrous wolf, a half-mythological monster, a killing machine – and she names it Lady.

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You’re goddamn right she did.

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